Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zebra crossing so what? Drivers don't care

"While watching the sunrise this morning I noticed that many cars do not bother to stop at this zebra crossing, along Yishun Street 22.

"I have sent in some clips taken 7.00am to 7.05am for a period of five minutes.

"Everyday we see many of these inconsiderate motorists .

"The school boy did the right thing by waiting till a car stops for him.

"But sad to say they are many who do not wait.

"This is an accident waiting to happen.

"Look like the latest road safety campaign " Look Out. Stay Safe." It is not working.

"The best solution for safety is to " Look Out for Ourselves".

"I hope that the traffic police would deploy some staff here to book errant drivers!"

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Its been awhile since I update...

Here's a little something..

Why can't people throw their rubbish in the nearby bin ?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Can't beat litterbugs? Provide a bin for them

Although the litterbugs are still not relenting five months after this bicycle was first spotted misused as a rubbish bin, the owner has found a way to work around it - by placing a plastic bag in the basket for the trash.

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Parked bicycle turned into rubbish bin - This photo taken in August 2007

"This bicycle was parked at the rail beside the bus stop at Khatib Central," the STOMPer said.
"From the look of it, some 'civic minded' passers-by who do not wish to litter the place turn it into a rubbish bin.

"What will the owner think when he or she comes back to see this?"


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Isn't there anywhere else to play ?

Boy play on top of shelter..

Watch him dash from side to side ...
If the tiles break ...
He will fall and injure himself and damage to property.
If he got cut and stuck in between the tiles..
Will have to get the SCDF to rescue him...
He got off after I shouted at them ...

Why she sit like that ?

Look at the way she sit .... Anti-social isn't her .... She is dirtying the rail with her shoe.. This rail is suppose to be for people to hold especially the elderly..

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sporting School Boys Smoke and Spit

Here's one dedicated to people who are against my controversial videos of kids doing bad habits.Example eating in the MRT and littering.
As I said before children have to be discipline from young age.Should not let them take things for granted.
Without proper guidance and cultivation from the start could result in disastrous effect.
The following video is what happen when kids gone out of hand..

This afternoon 31 July at about 3pm.
I noticed the gathering of these school boys sporting PE attire at the senior citizen exercise corner across the road.
They were behaving very sportily ..
They seem to be passing something around and I can see smokes.
So I zoom in and shot this video...
I saw smoking and spitting a few times..
Which I find totally unacceptable social bad habits.
I hope people will understand the need to teach our children from young and not to let them go astray..
Once they turn bad its really very difficult to turn good again...

Boy eats happily at MRT station

"This boy was walking and eating all the way as he passed through the gate and went up the escalator," at Yishun MRT station at about 6.30am on 16 July.

"I wanted to inform the station controller but there was only one person there and he was busy topping up cards for commuters," he said.

I'm was not pinpointing the blame on just this young boy in this instance.

"The fact is that this seems to be a common occurrence," he said. "The issue has been raised by the public so many times, and the MRT has upped its regulation and checks.

"So why are there still so many cases of eating in the MRT?" he asked.

Just who's dirtier?
A cat or a human?

I wonder
I spotted a cat eating leftover food from a table near Block 267 Yishun Street 22 at 7am yesterday morning (25 June).

“The cat jumped off the table as I approached to take this photo, as if it knows it was wrong to mess up the place.

Stray cats and dogs have always been the target of blame for dirtying public places.

But judging by this scenario, who was the one who messed up the place first? Who was the one who left the unfinished food there?”

“Who is the dirtier one? Cat or human?

Is this a road or a pavement?

I was so disgusted with the motorcyclists who had the audacity to ride on the pavement, starting up their machines near a roti prata shop up the road.

He took this video on Sunday (1 July 2007) at about 4pm.

"Endangering pedestrians is one thing. Aren't they afraid of getting caught ? Or they know that LTA does not come to this part of town."

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Drunken public nuisance urine into rubbish bin..

On the 30th Jun at about 4.30am I was awaken by the some noise.
Than I saw across the street were some drunken mens making a fool of themselves.
I believe someone staying nearer have called the police.
Awhile later police came..
They question them , took particular and left after about 15mins.
Just when I thought everything had ended ...
One of them walked over to the rubbish bin and ease himself...
Beside being indecent exposure...
Imagine later part of the morning when the "karang Guni" came looking for cans they'll be in for a smelly surprise..
Such inconsiderate behavour should be tolerated..

Waiting for maid to clear...

This a sequel of " Good kid, bad kid. Caught on video(" and "Boys litter too!"

Here we see these 3 friends sitting at the table having a drink..
Next I found out that 2 of them does not have maid at home but 1 do...
The 2 decided to take along their cup and bottle when they leave but the other leave his cup there for his maid to clear....

Wether you throw it on the ground or leave it lying around on table , chair ,bus-stop etc......Its still littering...

Watch Out ! Fast Food Boy Coming !

This fast food Boy apparently had finished his delivery and was rushing back for more assignment.”

“Notice how dangerous is it as he rides past the pedestrian. His judgment might be good and he seems sure that he will not run him down.”

“But what if the pedestrian was engrossed in his Mp3 player or something and did not hear the bike coming?”

“I understand that fast food delivery boys earn very little commission and always have to make the delivery on time or else people like us will complaint against them. Maybe that is why they have to resort to taking illegal shortcuts.”

“For the safety of the general public and also the delivery boys, I think that fast food restaurant should do a review and give these boys more time to do their job safely.”

I believes that Singaporeans should be more understanding about the job that these fast food delivery boys have to do and offer compliments and tips when satisfied with their service.

“After all, it is their service that saves us the trouble of going out,”

Boys Hold Lift at Toa Payoh MRT Station

Location : Toa Payoh MRT Station.
On Thursday (21 June), at about 1.50 pm, I was standing from a distance when I noticed a group of boys gathering around the lift, giggling.

I could not really tell what the boys were up to at first but he noticed that the lift had not moved up at all for the last 3 to 4 minutes.

When I moved closer, he saw the boy in the black T-shirt using his elbow to press the button of the lift each time the door was about to close.

When the boys spotted me, they abruptly moved away.

I felt that it is irresponsible of the boys to play such a prank because it created a huge inconvenience to the public, especially the elderly and the disabled.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Old Lady No Seat.!! No One Cares !!!

This old lady was traveling from Woodland down south bound train without a seat and no one cares...

Special thanks to a teenager who video this clip for me...